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Anatomy and Physiology


Welcome to the Department of Anatomy and Physiology, at KNUST School of Veterinary Medicine. We appreciate your interest in veterinary medicine and wish you the best of luck in pursuing your goals. Be motivated by the fact that veterinary medicine is a noble profession and that veterinarians serve with compassion and love.

(Welcome Address from the Head of Department - Dr. Essel Cobbinah Jnr)

About Us

For veterinary practice and research, understanding Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology are fundamental. Our Department assists students to appreciate the structure, function and behavioral characteristics of animals with respect to their environments. Our programmes mirror the varied and current research on different species globally. A solid foundation in Anatomy and Physiology is always necessary for studies and clinical treatment of t animals.


To facilitate the acquisition and transfer of Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology knowledge as well as mentor next-generation veterinary scientists.

To deliver innovative and multidisciplinary health education that prepares students to be caring and compassionate health professionals who improve the health of their patients and clients in communities.


To become the premier unit for Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology studies in Ghana and beyond, that offers high-quality instruction to those who legitimately request it and engages in trailblazing research. Our Department aspires to offer a stronger understanding of Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology education (with animal welfare under consideration) through the institution and use of a museum, virtual classrooms, and 3D holographic animal models.                                                                                                                         

Core Activities

  1. The department provides instruction in fundamental anatomy and physiology to students enrolled in the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program through lectures, wet and dry laboratory sessions, colloquia, projects and assessments.
  2. The department also supports animal-based research from other departments, faculties, or colleges.
  3. Additionally, the department offers post-graduate training for students.

Courses Under the Department of Anatomy and Physiology

· Gross Anatomy       

· Histology (Microscopic Anatomy)

· Physiology

Gross Anatomy: The course covers special features of regional and systemic macroscopic anatomy of human and veterinary-relevant animal species. Also, early embryonic and tissue development, as well as functional anatomy are taught and researched by staff and undergraduates.

Histology: This course covers the aided visual examination of microscopic body structures (cells and intercellular structures as well as their organization in tissues and organs).

Physiology: A key course to further the study and practice of veterinary science. It covers general and systems physiology with emphasis on the digestive and reproductive systems and the behavior of animals.

Postgraduate Programmes

  • The MPhil in Comparative Anatomy
  • Ph.D. in Veterinary Anatomy

MPhil Comparative Anatomy

The MPhil programme in Comparative Anatomy is tailored for prospective specialists in Anatomy from varied backgrounds associated with the One Health concept. The programme will produce the needed and deficient experts in Anatomy and Histology for teaching, research, and applied science in various areas including veterinary, medical, animal, and biomedical sciences.

Ph.D. in Veterinary Anatomy

With internationally renowned professors and an integrative framework, the programme offers students remarkable research opportunities. Furthermore, SVM's graduate programmes are frequently regarded as one of the best in the country, thus the SVM graduate programmes draw strength from its departments' outstanding research techniques and dynamic teaching practices, to train Veterinary professionals. Each student's research strategy is adapted to his or her demands.

Graduates of our postgraduate programmes will play major roles in the promotion, maintenance, and restoration of the health and welfare of animals and humans, as well as the enhancement of food safety and biosecurity.



Class Representatives (DVM 2 Class of 2026) with Prof Tony -the Founding Head of Department.
Class Representatives (DVM 2 Class of 2026) with Prof Tony -the Founding Head of Department.


DVM Class of 2026 with Prof. Tony- the Founding Head of Department after Anatomy Practical.
DVM Class of 2026 with Prof. Tony- the Founding Head of the Department after Anatomy Practical.

Staff Directory

Prof. Tony Opoku-Agyemang

Founding Head of the Department and Professor (2009 - 2021)



Phone: +233541676362 / +233206656644

Dr. Daniel Essel Cobbinah Jnr

Coordinator (Head) Department of Anatomy and Physiology (From 2022 to present)

Email:    |

Phone: +233502858337

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Mrs. Charity Dedu

Assistant Lecturer


Phone: +233242610450 / +233505288662


Mr. James Rexford Amanor

Chief Technician


Phone: +233208230550 / +233541641839

Mr. Atiwinne Edson Anangaana

Senior Technician
Phone: +233203820454 / +233249759951

Mr. Francis Akwasi Nyanor

Phone: +233245788830

Mr. Felix Gbenneh

Phone: +23324255714