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Health Sciences Students’ Association (HESA) honours the Dean of SVM

HESA honours Prof Emikpe

Health Sciences Students’ Association on the 8th June 2022, honoured Professor Benjamin Obukowho Emikpe, Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine for his fatherly role and also having the interest of the Association at heart.

The presentation was part of HESA’s activities in their 5th Anniversary ceremony and was done at the School of Veterinary Medicine Dean’s office, Boadi.

Professor Emikpe in an ecstatic mood thanked HESA for their kind gesture and honour bestowed on him. He advised the leadership of the Association to touch lives especially the less privileged with their education. “There is no need to go to school if you can’t touch the lives of people and that is what we are expected as health professionals,” he said.

Professor Benjamin Obukowho Emikpe was promoted to Professor of diagnostic and toxicological pathology in 2014 as a High flyer in the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He has served as the Dean of SVM since 2019 and has overseen a lot of developments within the School of Veterinary Medicine. Over the years his research had been on the diagnosis of endemic, emerging, and zoonotic diseases affecting livestock, zoo, and threatened wildlife.  Currently, he is supervising 13 other doctoral students, in wildlife ecotoxicology, use of intranasal probiotics, novel vaccination delivery for PPR, a pneumonic disease of goats in the tropics; respiratory diseases in chicken, and major diseases of fish and dogs.

Congratulations Professor Benjamin Emikpe, the College of Health Sciences fraternity is proud of you.