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KNUST School of Veterinary Medicine holds 9th White Coat Ceremony

KNUST School of Veterinary Medicine holds 9th White Coat Ceremony


The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM) celebrated a significant milestone on the 14th of June, 2024 by ushering 79 veterinary students into their clinical years at the 9th White Coat Ceremony. The transitional ceremony held at the KNUST Medical Village was under the theme "Veterinary Medicine; Breaking New Boundaries through One Health," which highlighted the connection between animal, human, and environmental health. The ceremony signified the start of the final two years of the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program, known as the 'Clinical Years,' after completing four intensive years of academic and professional training.

Dr. Vitus Burimuah opened the ceremony, he indicated that this year’s White Coat ceremony is the ninth time since its inauguration by the SVM emphasizing its importance as a rite of passage for veterinary students. "This ceremony marks the transition from theoretical studies to hands-on clinical practice, a crucial step in their professional journey," he stated.


Prof Emikpe
Prof. Benjamin Emikpe (Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine)


In his welcome address, Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine, Prof. Benjamin Emikpe elaborated the ceremony's significance for the School of Veterinary Medicine. According to him, the white coat ceremony symbolizes the transformation from students to professionals, embracing principles of self-reliance, professionalism, and sound judgment. He encouraged the students to make it okay to make mistakes as it forms part of their learning process.

Chairing the ceremony, Prof. Asare Nkansah, the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, commended the students for their progress in academics thus far. In his address, he highlighted the importance of One Health, which stresses the link between humans, animals, and the environment. "Understanding these connections is vital for achieving the best health results," he advised.


Prof. Samuel Asare-Nkansah
Prof. Asare Nkansah (Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences)


Dr. Andy Quacoopome, the Keynote Speaker and a Veterinary Surgeon and Alumni of the School delivered an inspiring speech. He highlighted the connection between all disciplines; animal, human, and environmental health, and the importance of achieving optimal health. "Whether in art, science, or any other field, everything is interconnected. Our goal is to achieve One health by understanding the relationship between humans, animals, and plants. The legacy you leave depends on your worldview and how you utilize these interconnected resources," he said.


Dr Andy Quacoopome
Dr. Andy Quacoopome (Keynote Speaker and a Veterinary Surgeon)


The guest speaker, Dr. Benjamin Kissi Sasu, addressed the audience on the concept of One Health and shared his expertise in the field. Quoting Franklin D. Roosevelt, he delivered a message to the students "You can't build the future, but you can prepare for it." Dr. Sasu encouraged proactive preparation and readiness for the future rather than trying to control or predict it outright. He also emphasized the importance of investing in education, skills development, and personal growth today to navigate future challenges and opportunities effectively.

The highlight of the ceremony was the robing of 79 students of the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, symbolizing their readiness to embark on clinical practice. Certificates were awarded to the students, acknowledging their accomplishments and preparation for the next stage of their education.