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Prince Dela Goka, the Valedictorian for College of Health Sciences - KNUST class of 2023

Prince Dela Goka, the Valedictorian for College of Health Sciences - KNUST class of 2023


Prince Dela Goka grew up in the Ghanaian border town of Aflao, where he attended Calvary Ransom Basic School. Continuing his educational journey, he pursued general science at Bishop Herman College before securing a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST).

During his tenure as the Vice President of the Ghana Veterinary Medical Students’ Association at KNUST, Prince displayed remarkable leadership skills. Notably, under his stewardship, he achieved the milestone of securing sponsorships from renowned organizations, including the World Health Organization (WHO). This enabled the organization to spearhead impactful initiatives such as organizing free anti-rabies vaccinations and media campaigns in selected towns within the Ashanti Region. In addition to receiving various awards, such as the "Perfect Gentleman Award" from the Ghana Veterinary Medical Students’ Association, he was recognized as an active member of the Christian Veterinary Fellowship, KNUST.

His research interests center around combating antimicrobial resistance and studying the pathogenesis and transmission of zoonotic pathogens of economic and public health importance, which will lead to research of new vaccines, diagnostics, and drugs.

As a member of the Animal Welfare League of Ghana, he actively advocates for elevated animal welfare standards in the country. His current efforts are focused on collaborating with the association to educate poultry farmers about adopting the cage-free farming system. Simultaneously, he harbors plans to secure scholarships for postgraduate studies in epidemiology, infectious diseases, and microbiology.


Prince Dela Goka


His motivation stems from his experience of the economic impacts of animal disease outbreaks on society. He firmly believes that, despite the significant advances in medicine, further studies remain imperative to mitigate the looming threat of infectious diseases.

Prince firmly believes in the adage "Procrastination is a thief of time." During his academic journey, he consistently prioritizes tasks, balancing them with extracurricular activities and ensuring he finishes his responsibilities on time. His advice to other students stresses the value of being disciplined and dedicating enough time to important tasks.

He aspires to become an infectious disease specialist who is dedicated to conducting cutting-edge research aimed at mitigating the imminent threat posed by infectious diseases.

Prince Dela Goka expresses profound gratitude to God, family, lecturers, and friends for their instrumental roles in his academic accomplishment.