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Prof Benjamin O. Emikpe has been appointed as the chairman of the Advisory Board of Afrique One

Professor Benjamin Obukowho Emikpe, the Dean of the KNUST School of Veterinary Medicine and a well-respected expert in diagnostic and toxicological pathology, has been appointed as the Chairman of the Advisory Board of Afrique One. This group focuses on the concept of One Health in Africa, which looks at the connections between human, animal, and environmental health. This big achievement for Professor Emikpe testifies to his knowledge of research and leadership skills.

Afrique One is part of the African Science Partnership for Intervention Research Excellence (ASPIRE), which aims to improve health by studying diseases that affect both people and animals.

Professor Emikpe is known for his work on diagnosing diseases in animals and how toxins affect them. His research focuses on finding new ways to vaccinate animals against diseases like pneumonia and developing better methods to give vaccines to poultry. He has also helped many students study how to diagnose and prevent diseases in different animals.

The College of Health Sciences congratulates Professor Emikpe on his new role with Afrique One. His commitment to improving health through collaboration and research is inspiring to others in the scientific community.