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KNUST School of Veterinary Medicine holds 6th White Coat Ceremony

6th SVM White Coat Ceremony

The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, School of Veterinary Medicine has organized their 6th White Coat ceremony for the 2023 class at the School of Veterinary Medicine conference room. The White Coat Ceremony is considered as rite of passage for Medical and Health Science students who have completed the preclinical sciences and are about to begin the clinical phase of their training. This ceremony happened on Friday 30th July, 2021.

6th SVM White coat
School of Veterinary Medicine 6th White Coat Ceremony

The chairperson for the occasion was Professor Christian Agyare, the Provost of College of Health Sciences. Other dignitaries present were Professor Benjamin Emikpe (Dean, School of Veterinary Medicine), Professor Folitse (Former Dean, School of Veterinary Medicine), Lecturers, Parents, Alumni and some students.

The Dean, Professor Benjamin Emikpe gave the welcome address for the ceremony. He indicated that this year’s White Coat ceremony is the sixth time since its inauguration. He stated that the ceremony is a very important milestone in their training as veterinary doctors as their knowledge on animal health would be brought to test.

Prof Emikpe
Professor Benjamin Emikpe (Dean, School of Veterinary Medicine)

According to him, keeping records as veterinary doctors is important than memorizing. To further explain this point he said, “The faintest ink is better than the best brain”. He also indicated that prior to entering the current level of their studies, they were used to cadavers but that would be a thing of the past because they will be dealing with real patients, that is, the animals and saving lives.

Professor Emikpe advised the students to be committed to the tenets and ethics of the noble profession of Veterinary Medicine in order not to bring the dignified name of the profession into disrepute. In addition, Prof. Christian Agyare, urged the students to continue to give their faculty the utmost respect so as to encourage them to give off their very best. He also reminded the students that their training is by apprenticeship so they need to respect their faculty.

The Guest Speaker and the forefather of the Christian Veterinary Fellowship Ghana and the Chief Executive Officer of the Tema Animal Hospital, Dr. Andy Quarcoopome congratulated the students on their academic journey so far. He advised them to take their studies serious in order to make their parents proud and also encouraged them to make whatever they are learning show when they come from being students to veterinary doctors. He further urged them to aspire to become like some alumni of the school who are now lecturers and even more.

Prof Agyare_CHS Provost
Students cloaking in their white coat

A total of 25 students took the oath of commitment as the former Dean, Professor Folitse led in cloaking the students in their first white coat as a symbol of the trust being bestowed upon them to carry on the noble profession of doctoring.

Finally, the Chairperson, congratulated the students in his closing remarks. He encouraged them to live beyond expectations and be prepared to start their clinicals outside the school.

Prof Agyare_CHS Provost
Professor Christian Agyare (Provost, College of Health Sciences)

Professor Christian Agyare also urged students to take advantage of the post graduate programs yet to be introduced in the school and advised them that going out to do more practical, they should be interested in the animal right as it is important in their field. In an interview with some of the students after the ceremony, they expressed their happiness on their journey so far and were optimistic in achieving greater heights in their career.